Cyberstakes & Runcode

This is a super quick post on two recent awesome cybersecurity competitions I participated in.

This is post is very late. I just wanted to highlight some pretty cool recent cybersecurity competitions run by U.S. Army personnel.


Cyberstakes is an awesome competition original stated at West Point for the military academy cyber teams. It has since involved to be a competition to evaluate cyber talent in the U.S. Army.

First, we just finished the recent iteration of All-Army Cyberstakes. You can read more about the competition here and about the amazing team behind the competition here. I’ve been actively participating in Cyberstakes during the competition now for 3 years but have worked on the challenges all the way back to the original inception. FYI, you can still access these problems if you have a .mil account at This year’s competition was run entirely by ACI (Roy Ragsdale primarily) and had some great results. One super awesome piece was the introduction of docker based on-demand style challenges (i.e. each competitor had their own instance), and the result was pretty awesome.

Since the challenges for the competition are no longer made by ForAllSecure, one big change this year in the ability to publish write-ups. Shombo started the main write-up repo (yes - he is not so good at spelling). I added several, primarily web-based writeups like Pythoon, Shall I Carve, Where’s the package, and Stealth Access. My favorite write-up is Word Up.


Original CodeWarz, this is a programming based challenge site original created to teach scripting to the CPB.

I also participated in the recent RunCode (used to be CodeWarz) live event. I had some things to post about this competition, but I lost them. For now, enjoy a simple write-up from an earlier RunCode live competition (or check out the pointer view article) until the problems get integrated into RunCode main.


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