My new Hugo website

I’ve had a website for a little over a year now, but I recently had several technical experiences that I really want to share with the world. As such, I decided it was time to create a blog. Three weeks and several frameworks later, I decided upon using Hugo. I still think I will ultimately end up switching to Django due to some of the more advanced goals I eventually have for my own cite (namely, hosting my own web CTF), but I felt I was delaying doing what I really wanted to do (writing the posts) while I spent time learning how to leverage all the CMS and blog template features of Django. In the meantime, I settled on Hugo. One of my good friends, Roy Ragsdale, strongly recommended the framework. When looking for static site generators, Jekyll is currently the other main alternative to Hugo though they are fairly similar. Jekyll’s integration with GitHub pages almost tipped me in that direction, but I liked the larger diversity in supplied Hugo themes.1 I also run my own server so the GitHub support does not matter.

In setting up my first Hugo page, I found the Hugo supplied tutorial too simplistic - it did not really explain the initial folder structure, how to modify the default fields for a post, or how actually were used to generate this custom site. In looking for another guide, I found the below videos by Giraffe Academy. Mike does a pretty good job getting to the point of many of the more useful time saving features of Hugo like themes, directory structure, archetypes, shortcodes, taxonomies, etc. He speaks a little slow (I watched most of the videos at 1.5x speed), but I found the content very useful. Below is actually a shortcode created link to these videos. I will eventually do a follow-up post on my favorite nuanced Hugo features but this will do for my first post introducing my new site. Enjoy.

  1. I originally wrote this post about 4 months before I actually finished and deployed this website . Github now supports Hugo, and I actually am running it on gitlab instead of via my own server. This just goes to show you how much I actually know. [return]

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