My name is Michael Kranch, and welcome to my [semi] professional website. I work in cybersecurity and absolutely love what I do. I strive to improve my skills every day, and I created this site as an avenue to share my passion for cybersecurity with the world. I am also a teacher, husband, father, Christian, gears esports fan, and CTF enthusiast. Visit the work, play, teach, and publish tabs to learn more about me or use the links below to view my favorite ramblings.

CTFs, Bug Bounties, and Accidental Vulnerability Discovery

A Vignette on the Importance of Offensive Cybersecurity Training, and Why Bug Bounty Programs Are So Valuable

Teaching offensive cybersecurity techniques builds better defenders. While I’ve discussed this before (like in this post), this vulnerability disclosure is a great vignette for highlighting why teaching offensive cybersecurity techniques are so important for building defensive cybersecurity professionals as well as why bug bounty programs are so critical for improving the defensive posture of your systems.

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BSides KC

Apr 26-27

Welcome BSidesKC. I attended and spoke this year at BSidesKC. This post discusses the [awesome] conference and provides the materials, including a video, of my talk.

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Cyberstakes & Runcode

This is a super quick post on two recent awesome cybersecurity competitions I participated in. [Read More]