Why we should teach Offensive Cybersecurity (Hacking), First

Even when the purpose of the training is to build defensive cybersecurity professionals

Over the past year, there have been numerous articles written on the subject of the gap of cybersecurity professionals like this, this, this, and this that include infographics like the one below. This shortage of cybersecurity talent has results in an increased in cybersecurity education in colleges, through bootcamps, and even programs for kids. Cybersecurity Talent Shortage Due to this increased demand for cybersecurity training and my experience teaching cybersecurity classes and coaching cybersecurity clubs, I often receive questions on the best method of teaching cybersecurity. [Read More]

Hacking Club

This post contains some of the resources I built as part of a hacking club to teach cyber security to my peers. I am posting the club meeting slides below as well as the original West Point class slides that I used to build this material. Remember as Ben Parker said, “with great power comes great responsibility.” It’s important to remember why you are learning these skills and where to use them. [Read More]

Work Summary 1: MailGun, CANSec and a Django CTF

01-31 October 2018

Highlights mjkranch.com email with MailGun updated cgschacks.com content Promo posters How do I start (cross posted on mjkranch.com) First meeting and awesome slides using reveal Django CTF CANSec 2018 Talk ShmooCon Proposal Missed Weekly Updates Long story short - I already missed my goal of posting every two weeks. The past month has been extremely busy. CGSC has become somewhat more demanding (lots of papers); however, the majority of my time has been devoted to the way too time consuming task of creating a CGSC hacking club including a Django CTF, the cgschacks. [Read More]

Hosting Multiple Gitlab Pages From Projects in One Repo

This is a short post on how to host multiple pages from different projects in one repo. This task is actually very simple, but I could not find any documentation on it when I tried a couple weeks ago. I ended up resorting to creating a second Gitlab account. Turns out you do not need to use this hack, and this post will explain how to legitimately host multiple gitlab pages with just one account. [Read More]

How to Get Started With Hacking

And to Develop the Passion to Stick with it

Skip past my philosophy to the foundational skills or even just to the hacking resources Passion is key (Hacking = Life) The great (and sometimes intimidating) part about computer security is it’s such a broad and ill-defined field. As such, just about anything you want to do can be defined as hacking - it is simply creatively using technology to solve problems. The real key to longevity is this field is passion (solving problems that interest you), and you below are a few tips to help build this passion. [Read More]