Work Summary 0: Beautiful Hugo and CGSC Hacks

15-30 September 2018

Keeping with my purpose, I want to write a bi-monthly (bi-weekly?)1 summary of what I have accomplished. In the past two weeks, I generated the base content, transitioned to the Beautiful Hugo theme, generated a CV from Front Matter, migrated to Gitlab, and started CGSC Hacks. Looking back, I did quite a bit. I do feel like I have been stuck in the minutiae of website design and content building (the boring polishing aspects) instead of the more rewarding big system building or problem-solving aspects of web development, but I’ve made some progress and continued to learn. [Read More]

Deploying a Hugo site on Gitlab

As I mentioned in the previous post’s footnote, I actually decided to host this site on GitLab primarily because GitLab is awesome (requires no maintenance on my part, has free private repositories, and natively supports Hugo). There is also good documentation on how to use Hugo with Gitlab from both Hugo and GitLab; however, I ran into a couple small issues I felt were worth addressing. Path, not project name, determines your site URL. [Read More]

Why [I] Create[d] a Technical Blog

Why I decided to blog I’ve had a website for almost two years, but I always envisioned this site being more than simply a persistent resume. I dabbled in this more twice before, but I allowed myself to get in my own way. I convinced myself that my website design was not polished enough, my framework was not secure enough, my writing was not professional enough, and, most paralyzingly, my contributions were not big enough to be released in a public platform. [Read More]

My new Hugo website

I’ve had a website for a little over a year now, but I recently had several technical experiences that I really want to share with the world. As such, I decided it was time to create a blog. Three weeks and several frameworks later, I decided upon using Hugo. I still think I will ultimately end up switching to Django due to some of the more advanced goals I eventually have for my own cite (namely, hosting my own web CTF), but I felt I was delaying doing what I really wanted to do (writing the posts) while I spent time learning how to leverage all the CMS and blog template features of Django. [Read More]